Friday, October 17, 2008


When I watched the last presidential debate on, I couldn't help it, but Mr. McCain reminded me of something. I couldn't tell exactly what it was at first, but then it came to me. A squash. The butternut squash. When you take a look at the picture bellow, you can see it. At least, I can!
Later on that day, just before I went to sleep, I'd remembered a Christmas cartoon movie I love, and it was How the Grinch stole Christmas. I decided to take a shot and find it on the net. Youtube is great for this as you all have to know. While watching the cartoon there, something popped up in my head. There was a greater resemblance between Mr. McCain and the Grinch. Bingo! I got it! It made me laugh, of course, because I have been thinking about Mr. McCain's resemblance of something for a very long time.

I know Mr. McCain doesn't have that nice Santa Clause outfit, but just look at it.
P.S. Just to be fair and balanced (I guess, another reminder) to Mr. McCain, he used to be one handsome young man.