Friday, October 03, 2008

More united colors of Fall

I took a walk yesterday to clean up the mess in my head. Since I still don't have a job and it is unexpectedly hard to get one for me, the situation got me yesterday. Jesse is doing a heck of a good job with his translations so there are no worries about being short of money and I do have some savings for bad times, but after all the years without my own income, it is tough not to have one here. It is also truth that I have low self confidence and I have no idea what I would like to be doing here. I made a plan for my life in the States, even though I had never done planning before, because I hadn't wanted to jinx anything in my life whatsoever. I'm not saying that every part of my plan would have worked out, but it would have certainly deserved to get a try. Frankly, I have never told Jesse about this plan and this is going to be first time for him either to read about it. Because he and his family did so much for me, I wanted to give them something back. By finishing my college and getting my associate degree I wanted to get a good job in the cooking industry or even to open my own small business. Sound daring? Yes, it does, but I was told by all my chefs that I was excellently skilled and that I had very high chance to get really good job since I was that good. I got all A's in my first semester and I wanted to be this way throughout all of them. I even wanted to get the Dean's reward for the best students to show all that I was good and that people had to count me in. You all who know me can be sure I would have worked very hard to achieve this. With this in my mind and with my diploma in my pocket I would have worked hard so that Jesse could have taken a break in his job and gotten a rest since I knew he was under stress all the time and didn't much like the job. He would have deserved it for sure. I actually looked forward to that and to making all members of our American family happy and proud of me and of us. They would have deserved that, too. Sadly, these plans and dreams are gone now. Because of that and not having a job yet, I felt down yesterday and that's why I took the walk during which I also took more pictures of our neighborhood and of the colors of fall.

Picture from a park located above our apartment building.

Close up.

The next one is the view from top of the hill over our building roof. Well, it cannot be seen, because it is hidden in trees. I was surprised my self that I could see some mountain there. Wow!

This is the view from the other side of the hill where our current apartment is located and yes, it is still Prague.