Thursday, October 23, 2008

The best scented candles ever

I've always been fond of scented candles. There was almost no choice to get a nice scented candle during the communist era, and even if we could get some, their smell and intensity of fragrance was very poor. That changed a bit with the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe with all the Western goods pouring into our countries, especially from then West Germany and Austria, but I was still somehow dissatisfied though. The smell of candles was certainly better and the fragrance of them was very intense, but it was never the way I would have expected. A pine scented candle did not smell like a pine tree or pine needles, its smell was hard to define instead. I thought I would never find the right scented candle, but I did. It happened in the States. It took me time and some blunders in my choices, but I was on the good path to find the only one. Well, it was not the only one candle, but it was the only one company that has been making these candles for years. The company's name is The Yankee Candle Company. Now, I found the perfect scented candles in America and the name of the company that makes them was Yankee. That is significant, isn't it? Frankly speaking, I have fallen in love with those candles. Everything about them makes me somehow happy, and it surely has a soothing and relaxing effect on me and it makes my days enriched, in a way. It is hard to explain it, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because we live our lives through our senses and smell is a very important one, because we usually associate our acts, memories or events with smell. Such examples can be a smell of hot coffee that is for many of us the smell of a morning, and a smell of freshly baked bread is the smell of my country, and for me it is just like the smell of rum is the smell of Christmas, since we put rum into Christmas cookies and we drink tea with rum just to get warm in winter, and a smell of a roasted turkey and a ham is associated with Thanksgiving for me now. There can be hundreds and thousands of examples. Some of them can be pleasant and some not, of course. I have almost developed Pavlov's reflex, because just by looking at the company's web site I can smell the fragrances of the candles as well, and it makes me feel relaxed and comforted. The company runs pretty good business. Not only does it have it many brand stores and the web site, but also I used to get its catalog with scented pages in Bayonne, and that's something local companies can only dream of. Yes, you have to spend a few bucks more than on other brand candles, but it is totally worth it. As you can see, the smell of a scented candle is very important for me.
I know, there are more scented candles made by different companies and with different brand names. Some Glade candles are also incomparable, such as Glistening Snow, Angel Whispers and Apple Cinnamon, but the variety of the Glade products is limited. I also remember the candle we got from Sallie and Mush in Jersey City with its delicious coffee and butter cookie-like smell, but I don't remember the brand name. Unfortunately, I cannot buy these products here. Glade's product are sold here under brand name Brise, however there are no Glistening Snow or Angel Whispers for me here. What I can get is only an Apple Cinnamon candle in very limited edition. And The Yankee Candles here. Forget about it. I miss many American products and these candles are among them.
P.S. I just took a look at the Glade website and I found it has been redesigned. The new look of the page is great. Go there!