Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dictatorship of Fear

Citizens, be afraid!!! Be suspicious of everyone and everything, even of your own family. The terrorists are everywhere and they want to heart you and your beloved America. Report everything suspicious and everyone who is not the same as you are, or if they don't attend church or they go to synagogue and mosque. Citizens, if there is anyone with a different opinion here than your president has, REPORT HIM/HER. Citizens, rather go nowhere and watch tv channel Fox News only. You can get the right view and opinion about your government there and not on these liberal tv channels like CNN and CBS which show you that your president is not right and opinions other than the president's exist. Citizens, be afraid and think carefuly for whom you're going to vote, because if you vote for someone other than the current president, They will attack America again. This is so clear. Only the current president can protect you and make the world safer. Meanwhile the Liberal is a danger to the world. Citizens, vote for the current president and his neoconservatism, even though we live in the 21st century. If you don't vote for him - be afraid, because heathens will run on the streets after that wishing for every pregnant woman to go for an abortion, and gays will get married in droves and it may threaten your family, because what if your husband or wife is also gay and he/she has camouflaged that by having 5 kids. Is someone in your family suffering a fatal disease and the only hope is embryonic stem cell research? It doesn't matter. Although your president has banned this research, your relative will die knowing how much his/her president believes in God. It doesn't matter that his army is murdering children in other places in the world. Don't vote for the Liberal, cause he'll let you buy cheaper drugs from Canada, which will save your money, but "may be not safe for you." Americans have a different body than Canadians. Citizens! You haven't been listening to us and your president is losing in election campaign polls! Well, let us elevate the terrorist alert so that you can remember who is the Lord here! It's a pity that we don't have more levels on the scale.
Demagogy? Certainly. It's just like when the candidates spoke about abortions. Kerry explained his point of view clearly and with sense and really nothing is only black and white. And Bush? Citizens, don't ask why the Liberal voted against the partial-birth abortion ban. Only one conclusion is really relevant for you. He is pro-abortion. Of course that's not true. The Constitution and civil rights are here. Who cares?! The president is the law. No judge, even a U.S. Supreme Court justice, will tell the president that he is violating citizens constitutional rights. Citizens, don't worry. We can handle it. Elect your president for the second term and he's going to replace Supreme court justices with his people, with neoconservatives like Antonin Scalia. Unfortunately yes, his name is likely after his Czech ancestors and I have to be ashamed. There is no more conservative man in America.
The world doesn't like your president? Don't believe that liberal propaganda. The most important is you love your president. And Europe? They won't tell us how to make the world safer. This is the job of your president. They don't understand us so beware of them.
Sure, if you're scared, we can manipulate you better. You do what we want, you think how we want. That's right. Are you loosing your opinion and rights? It doesn't matter. Are we taking America back to the 50s of the last century? It doesn't matter. Is American society divided? It doesn't matter. Is this a really hard time for American democracy? It doesn't matter. Vote for the current president for a second term and nothing will be changed. And even if something will change, we won't tell you.
Written with kind help of Jesse