Thursday, April 19, 2007

Perfect world

Who would not want to live in a perfect world? There are as many ideas about how it might look as there are people living in the world. In my perfect world, there is no crime, discrimanation or religion and the technology helps society to be environmentally friendly.
The population is fulfilling its material and emotional needs, and therefore there is no crime. However, police are stil in operation mostly to help people in cases of emergency, such as driving accidents or natural disasters. People don't judge each other by their race, gender, sexual orientation, social status or creed. Equality and understanding is reached by sharing common thoughts through telepathy. No one sees social differences between a man and a woman, among white, black or Asian races. There are no official religions and one's personal belief doesn't have any effect on the other people.
The technology of my perfect society is very advanced and serves people not only for their material needs but also to achieve their inner peace. The population doesn't use fossil fuels as energy sources and because of that the air is not polluted, water in rivers and oceans is clean and weather is very stable. That has the effect of an abundance of food and drinkable water and that means there is no starvation. As for achieving a person's inner peace, technology, for example a simulator, helps with reaching harmony and positive thinking.
In summary, we don't live in the perfect world and a perfect world is only a part of our imagination. Yet that doesn't mean mankind should not be working together in order to have better air, cleaner water, no shortage of food, no crime, or any discrimination and live in harmony. If each of us tries, the perfect world may not be beyond possibility.

Kamil's essay.