Sunday, September 11, 2005

Failures of Bush's administration

Do the attack on New York and huricanne Katrina have anything in common? Yes. A total failure of the administration of George W. Bush. There was a terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon 4 years ago. At that time, Mr B. had been president for roughly a half of year and he didn't do very much. Instead he tried to keep himself out of the public eye, because of awareness of all events that had happened around his election. We all are very familiar with pictures of Mr. B. when he learned for the first time about an airplane's crash into the WTC. The rescue operations that followed were not so much a result of his leadership as a result of the leadership of then mayor of New York City Rudolph Gulliani. The federal government had had information about a possible terrorist attack targeting American interests on U.S. soil since January 2001, but no one considered this information important. And then there was a huge failure of intelligence agencies who kept a lot to themselves and weren't willing to share any information which would have led them to the individuals who eventually carried out the attacks. This failure wasn't Mr. B's fault, because it is impossible to change the way those agencies work within half of year and there wasn't political will to do so at the time as well. After that event, everything changed. Mr. B. all of the sudden started to act as a commander in chief. Some good measures were adopted, such as reorganization of the intelligence agencies and investment in security at airports, but most of them were questionable. One the most notable of these was the Patriot Act that unprecedently interfered with and restricted democratic freedoms of citizens for the first time in U.S. history. Since then everything has been done under camouflage of the war against terrorism and people have feared to say anything against the powers that be in order not to be accused of being un-American and unpatriotic. Since he wanted to show everyone how powerful he was, Mr. B. launched a pointless war in Iraq for which he hasn't had any plan and before which he had forced intelligence agencies to change their findings about alleged weapons of mass destruction so that he could have justifed the war. There is a magnificent play on words here. WMD stands for weapons of mass destruction but some media call Mr. B. WMD too, but this time it stands for weapons of mass deception. Every war costs a lot of money so some changes needed to be made in the budget. Mr. B. cut the budget for maintainance and improvement of New Orleans levees as well as the budget for the Army Corps of Engineers. Instead of being on alert in the U.S. for when an emergency situation occurs, the National Guard is fighting in Iraq so there was a lack of national guard soldiers in affected areas. FEMA had a tremendous failure. Its head, appointed by Mr. B., was a roommate of Mr. B's presidential campaign chief and his only qualification was having ridden horses! Right-wing media have praised Mr. B. for cutting his vacation short and supposedly taking care of events in New Orleans. Well, he did cut his vacation short, but only for TWO days! That's really a big sacrifice. Not to mention that the huricanne hit the Gulf coast on Monday morning and he didn't end his vacation until Wednesday and only flew over affected areas with Air Force One. He personally visited New Orleans on Friday, 4 days later. Why did it take so long when after of one huricannes last year he came to Florida in two days? Perhaps because the governor of Florida is his brother while the governor of Louisiana is a Democrat and most of New Orleans citizens lived in poverty. The mother of the Bushes, Barbara Bush, topped it off by saying that the people of New Orleans were poor so now when they live in the Astrodome they live better than before and have the benefits of that. She also is worried they might want to stay in Texas and that's something that literally gives her the creeps. No comment necessary.
Mr. B. demonstrated to the whole world how bad of a leader he is and that he's not capable of acting quickly and rationally in critical situations. The question is if it is enough for Americans to understand how bad of a chioce they made by electing him and what bad leadership America has. Mr. B. cannot be reelected again, but congressional and senatorial elections will take place next year, so it is time for voters to make the Republican leadership accountable in this country. America deserves better leadership.

Much of the English has been corrected by Jesse.