Monday, October 08, 2007

English composition

I have been working very hard in my English class since the beginning. I have written many essays. Some of them were 2 1/2 pages long and some were as long as one paragraph. Frankly speaking, I'm very proud of them and therefore I want to share some of them with you. The following one was assigned for subjective description and was graded excellent with an A.

A tree

This tree is very imposing in its appearance. Its trunk that looks like a big elephant leg and its crown are very majestic, and when a man stands in front of it, it gives him a feeling that people are only a small part of something larger than life, and that is called nature. In the winter, the tree still looks extraordinary even without leaves, and its naked branches are like arms raised to sky desperately asking for more sunlight. When winter turns into spring, new heart-shaped leaves suddenly appear on the branches like an army of a thousand green armored soldiers defending new born life. Gone are those gloomy days. The tree is very alive now because it is sanctuary for many insects and birds like it is skyscraper for people. Many bees are lured to join this organized chaos by intoxicating aroma of the tree's blossoms that causes a man's head to spin. However, for me it is soothing aroma of my childhood when my mother made me tea of these blossoms. With days getting shorter and cooler in fall, continuous humming of summer life in the tree silences down more and more as if somebody is gradually turning off power switches that once helped this life keep alive. Suddenly, deafening silence prevails and only wind and rain sometimes break it when they rush through leaves, now yellow, in a sign that the tree is giving up its fight with the harsh wind and cold rain. Saddened by this loss, the tree cries. Leaves start to fall down like enormous teardrops of and ogre. When there is not one tear left to fall, the branches' arms are raised again to the sky. It is over for now. The first snow mercifully dresses the naked branches in a white snowflake dress like a princess who waits for a prince to waken her again.